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About The Country Clubbers

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Our Story

Austin-based outfit, The Country Clubbers, are led by sensational vocalist Kari Shaff, and the band features veteran musicians Tom Umberger, Rick Watson, and Jon Jaffe. A stylistically unique Country band from day one, the The Country Clubbers blend traditional C&W instrumentation with Jump Blues swing & selections. Vocalist Kari Shaff also delivers heartfelt twang while utilizing her range and skills from her Jazz experience from the Great American Songbook. And with their diverse range of experience, all members of The Country Clubbers blended right right away - singing, playing, and performing as if they’d been together their entire musical careers.

Formed in 2023, The Country Clubbers are already honky-tonk favorites, keeping the dance floor full with classic Country sounds. Driven by the powerhouse vocals of  Kari Shaff, a Minneapolis native who has performed for crowds throughout Minnesota, Arizona, and Texas, the band brings new energy and excitement to old-school two-steppers and waltzes, and puts a Texas dance hall spin on a selection of hot jump blues tunes. The rest of the band are all familiar faces who have spent years working the beer joints of Central Texas and beyond: Tom Umberger (JWW & The Prospectors, The Stepsiders) on lead guitar, Rick Watson (Jesse Dayton, Saddle Sores, Golden Roses) on bass, and Jon Jaffe (Glenn Collins, Cornell Hurd Band, The Stepsiders) on pedal steel. All together, they guarantee that every tune has a 100% authentic Texas sound!


The Country Clubbers are rapidly winning the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life and across genres. While performing at a variety of venues and making countless public appearances, their captivating, high-energy shows are filling dancefloors and earning them an quickly-growing fan base.


A few shots & videos from venues we play around Austin

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The Country Clubbers

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